About Us

Luxury accessories brand Kristine-V was established in Warsaw, Poland in 2015 by its creative director and visual inspirer Kristina Vysokaya. In the past few years her collections gained acclaim and recognition between young fashionistas and celebrities not only in Warsaw but in Milan, Paris, New York and other worldwide fashion capitals.

Influential, sensul and contemporary brand Kristine-V is reinventing a modern approach to fashion accessories for self-confident and provocative women of our age. The creative director Kristina Vysokaya has redefined usual luxury leather accessories, showing them in sexual and unexpected way for women of all ages and interestes. Important to admit that the brand pays a lot of attention to the craftsmanship, quality and details of all pieces.

To add some words about the brand: luxury accessories collections Kristine-V are intensely inspired by contemporary art and everyday fashion trends, translated into unforgettable yet imposing designs.